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Prominente Instruktoren bei den Events von Gentlemen on Track, zum Beispiel Niki Schelle.

On-track coaching is a valuable way to improve their driving skills and get the most out of their motorsport experience. An experienced racing driver or instructor is on hand to provide valuable feedback, guidance and tips to refine technique and maximize their performance on the track.
On-track coaching can be of great benefit to both beginners and advanced riders. An experienced coach will take into account their individual needs and goals and help them to identify and work on riding weaknesses.
During the coaching you will usually receive a combination of theoretical lessons and practical exercises. The coach will teach them the basics of racing, including techniques such as braking, cornering, acceleration and line choice. They will learn how to use the track most efficiently and how to improve their lap times.
An important aspect of on-track coaching is feedback during and after the driving sessions. The coach will observe their rides and give them constructive feedback to refine their technique. They will help them optimize line choice, identify braking points, precisely modulate the throttle and improve other aspects of their driving style.
It is important to note that on-track coaching is not just limited to driving technique, but can also include aspects such as mentality, concentration and race strategy. A good coach will help them to mentally focus on driving, reduce stress and focus on goals.
Overall, on-track coaching can be a transformative experience that helps them realize their driving potential and get the most out of a great day.

Learning from professionals

We are delighted to welcome Fabian Vettel to our team as an instructor. If you've always wanted to learn from a professional, you've come to the right place. 
You are welcome to book Fabian, Niki or Steve at our events.

40 min                                                                    199.-€

80 min                                                                    398,-€

halber Tag                                                            749,-€

ganzer Tag                                                           1399,-€ 

Niki Schelle

TV presenter for RTL2 and the TV format Grip
2009/10: Ronde Tera Raceday - 1st place 2 WD classification
2006: Rallye Deutschland - 3rd Super 1600 classification
2004: Rallye-DM on Suzuki Ignis S1600
2003: Selected rallies Asia-Pacific Championship (Suzuki Ignis)
2002: Junior WRC, 6 WRC races on Suzuki Ignis, 8th place in Junior WRC
2001: Various events with Ford Escort WRC
2000: 5th place Rallye-DM (Opel Astra Kitcar) German champion 2WD classification
1999: 2nd place Rallye-DM (Opel Astra Kitcar) German 2WD champion and 3rd place FIA European Rally Cup F2
1998: Rally DM on Peugeot 306 Kitcar, Proton Wira
1997: 2nd place in the German Rally Championship in a Mitsubishi Lancer, Group N champion
1996: 3rd place ADAC 3-Städte Rallye (Mitsubishi) Gr N classification
1995: 1st DM round on Mitsubishi
1994: 1st WRC round in a Fiat Cinquecento Rally Monte Carlo
1993: 1st place Fiat Cinquecento Trofeo
1988: Participation in World Rally Championship round in Sweden as co-driver
1988: 5th place in the Southern Bavarian Championship (Opel)
1986: 1st rally as a driver

Steve Kirsch

  • 2016-2018 ADAC TCR Germany Gasamt place 3 / 5
    2014-2015 ADAC Procar 2x Champion 
    2012-2013 Mini Trophy overall place 4 / 3  
    2008-2011 Mini Challenge 
    2006-2008 24h Nürburgring Nordschleife    
    2007-2009 VLN Nordschleife 
    2007-2009 VLN Nordschleife 
    2007 Motorsportsman of the Year in Saxony 
    2006-2008 24h Nürburgring Nordschleife 
    2007 Suzuki Swift Cup Champion  
    2005-2006 Mini Challenge 
    2001 - 2005 Toyota Yaris Cup 3x runner-up